It’s remarkable you’ve found your way to this page. You’re some internet explorer. Well done, welcome and best wishes. is being published as I make it but there are no attempts to publicise it or get it up the search engine rankings. My name is Adrian Neville, I’m 58 and, after decades publishing guides to the resorts of Maldives and the hotels of Sri Lanka, I am embarking on a long-term project to produce an online guide for tourists to Ireland.

This is going to be some journey. I’m Irish but born and educated in England. My skills are in photography, writing and little adventures. I’m inquisitive around all things historical, cultural and natural. And I want to know Ireland, that place my parents left behind and I returned to. What I’d like is for you to come along on the journey with me, discuss what we’re seeing and what we’re learning. I want you to say where you’d like to go, what it is that’s on your mind and what I should next review.

But right now, it’s baby steps. It’s acorn time.